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3 Driving Safety Tips for Renters

Renting and driving your rental car from New Mexico Rental Car comes with a lot of responsibility. While most adults understand the importance of distraction-free driving, there are still instances where your eyes leave the road. Still, if this is your first time in the area, you’ll want to avoid any distractions. So, here are three helpful tips for drivers to help keep everyone on the road safe.

3 Driving Safety Tips for Renters

1. Study the Map

Visiting a new place means you likely don’t know the routes to take to your destinations. So, if you want to keep yourself safe and distraction-free, we highly recommend you look up your destinations ahead of time. Study your navigation map carefully and make sure you know where your turns and exits are. You should also scan the area for the closest parking and note any construction zones along your route. This will help you drive with confidence in an unfamiliar area. 

2. Avoid Handheld Devices

Once you’re sitting behind the wheel and your car is in motion, you should not have any electronic devices in your hand. This includes your phone or tablet. If you have to pay attention to navigation, we highly recommend putting your device somewhere within eyesight but not in your hand. You should also turn off any notifications or set your devices to Drive Mode so you can focus on getting to and from your destination safely.

3. Obey Signs and Speed Limits

When driving around a new area, it can be easy to get distracted sight-seeing rather than focusing on the road. But, doing so increases your chances of an accident. So, we encourage all drivers to pay attention to street signs and speed limits, especially on the highways or urban streets. Missing your exit or turn is a great way to get lost and distracted, so keep your eyes up ahead and note the signs around you. 

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