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4 Reasons to Experience the Burning of Zozobra

You’ve probably heard of the Burning Man event, but have you heard of the Burning of Zozobra? Believe it or not, the event started almost 100 years ago in Sante Fe. And, in fact, this year’s event may be one of the most important. In this post, you’ll discover four reasons why. Start planning your trip now, including reserving a car rental from New Mexico Rental Car.

Four Reasons to Experience the Burning of Zozobra

1. Burn Away the Gloom of 2020

Zozobra is the enemy of everything good. He relishes in bringing despair, doom, and gloom. To combat this, clever optimists throw a party, tell Zozobra it’s in his honor, and invite him to attend. Once there, however, they burn him in effigy. As a result, his woeful energy on the town and its people burns away.

Let’s face it. For many people, 2020 was not the best year. Fortunately, the Burning of Zozobra allows you to burn away the gloom. Bring your divorce papers, your Dear John letter, or write down your burdens on a piece of paper, and bring them to the event. Then, watch them set aflame and burn into the night sky as the curse breaks.  

2. Get Involved in a Good Cause

The Kiwanis Club hosts the Burning of Zozobra event, and Kiwanis’ mission is to serve children. Some of the causes they support include homelessness, reading, food scarcity, and education. Part of the proceeds from this event goes toward these children’s causes. Of course, you can always make a direct donation, too. 

3. Enjoy the Entertainment

The Burning of Zozobra is a celebration. As a result, it represents the burning of gloom for the restoration of the positive. As you can imagine, attendees celebrate with fervor. In addition to happy attitudes and smiles, you can also experience fireworks, music, vendors, and a dance party. People of all ages appreciate and enjoy the celebration every year on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. 

4. Appreciate the Art

The ZozoFest Art Exhibit houses all things Zozobra. Artist Wil Schuster created Zozobra back in 1924. Consequently, you can expect to see an emphasis on art at the event. As a result, fans can purchase artwork, photographs, prints, sculptures, and more.

If you appreciate art, you will not be disappointed. In fact, you may have a tough time choosing what to purchase. Select a souvenir to remind you of your trip or buy gifts for loved ones. Even though everyone should experience the Burning of Zozobra for themselves, the original pieces available for purchase are a good alternative. Finally, if art isn’t your thing, there’s also plenty of other merchandise available, such as clothing and posters. 

Ready to Plan Your Trip?

The Burning of Zozobra occurs in Sante Fe, NM, which is a mere hour from Albuquerque. Rent your car, van, or SUV at New Mexico Rental Car, and make your way from Albuquerque to Sante Fe. Check out our inventory online, then call (505) 373-1050 to reserve your rental – or reserve your car online.