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Plan Now for Spring Break 2022 in New Mexico

You might be trying to simply finish 2021 strong, thinking Spring Break is so far away. However, it’s really not when it comes to planning and booking a trip. In addition, who doesn’t start to daydream about vacation and warm places as winter rolls into cooler U.S. climates? Instead of making the standard Florida trip this year, why not try Spring Break 2022 in New Mexico? In this post, New Mexico Car Rental provides travel tips and suggestions. 

Plan Now for Spring Break 2022 in New Mexico

Something for Everyone

One of the fantastic things about New Mexico is its various landscapes and offerings. Whether you like the mountains or water, activity, entertainment, or rest, everyone in the family benefits.

Life at the Lake

New Mexico hosts more than 20 boating lakes. You can boat, swim, fish, or camp. Heron Lake is a popular spot with a breathtaking landscape. The lake holds plenty of trout and salmon. If you don’t care about fishing, you can partake in one of many water activities, including paddleboarding, windsurfing, sailing, and more. Take your rental car and drive down for the day. Or, rent an SUV, load it up with camping gear, and reserve a campsite.

Skip the Beach, Not the Sand

Forget about the beach trip. Spend Spring Break 2022 in New Mexico at the sand dunes. White Sands National Park is highly rated and has excellent reviews, and others exist, too. True to its name, you’ve probably never experienced such a vast amount of brilliant white sand set against a blue sky. Remember, it is a desert, so that it can get scorching. Still, this National Monument/National Park is a must-see.

Combine Education and Fun with Unique Experiences

New Mexico contains a rich history, interesting landscape, and unique opportunities to enjoy, each while learning at the same time. You can go to Los Alamos and learn about nuclear history, or hike its trails, discovering its mesas, canyons, and caves. Los Alamos is great for adults interested in these topics, and it’s also an excellent opportunity to incorporate education into fun activities with the kids. Finally, the Cosmic Campground in southwest New Mexico has one of the darkest skies anywhere, which means it’s perfect for stargazing. Bring your telescope or visit of one of the observatories.

Book Now

Don’t wait to book Spring Break 2022 in New Mexico. Airfare increases during this time of year. Moreover, flights are still unpredictable. Of course, you don’t want to miss out on a rental minivan, SUV, or car. Call New Mexico Car Rental at (505) 373-1050 to schedule a reservation or reserve online.