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Why Your Film Crew Needs a Rental

Whether you’re a small production crew or planning a set for a new national television show, your film crew will need transportation. The cargo vans from New Mexico Rental Car provide plenty of room for equipment and crew. Additionally, you can rent our vans long-term, which means you can have a van for the duration of your production. Still, your crew needs a rental (or two) for plenty of other reasons.

Why Your Film Crew Needs a Rental

Film Equipment is Heavy

Transporting your cameras, lighting, and stage elements to each scene location is vital for the success of your film. This is especially true if you don’t have a large set to work with and shoot out in the field. So, you need something other than human hands that can transport the equipment. A cargo van is the most ideal option. Not only can you keep your equipment locked inside, but you can fit it all!

Crew Has a Way Around

Relying on taxis or Ubers can get costly for your film crew. So, renting a fleet of cargo vans is your best option. Not only will you be saving money, but your crew can come and go as they need or please. This is especially important for those coffee breaks and lunch orders. One person can head out to pick up food and drinks while the rest of your crew carries on.

Keeps Everyone Together

When you utilize a fleet of cargo vans for your film crew, you keep everyone together and on track. Unlike public transportation, renting cargo vans means everyone has a ride, and there’s no reason anyone should be late. Additionally, you won’t have to keep giving directions to several different drivers. Instead, the whole crew can hop into one or two vans and head to the next location.

Your Next Film Needs a Van

When you have a film assignment here in Albuquerque, NM, give New Mexico Rental Car a call at (505) 373-1050. We have a great selection of cargo vans, minivans, and SUVs – everything your film crew needs for production and transportation. So, hurry and reserve your entire fleet online today!